Saturday, 26 June 2010

Msida Valley Walk Saturday 26th June 2010

Thirty ramblers turned up for this early-morning walk.

After passing near the old parish church of Msida & l-Ghajn tal-Hasselin, we headed towards il-Wied ta’ Birkirkara, and Wied Balzan (actually a road) till we reached Hal Lija cemetery. Here, we could pass through il-Wied ta’ Hal Lija till we reached the area known as Hal Mann (between Mosta & Hal Lija). On our way back we passed through the village core of Hal Lija and Hal Balzan ( visiting their old parish churches – is-Salvatur l-Antika & il-Lunzjata, where there are three adjacent chapels, it-Tlett Knejjes ).

Before having a rest at il-Gnien tal-Istazzjon (B’Kara), we could observe the baroque façade of the old parish church of Santa Marija, known as il-Knisja l-Qadima. We returned to our starting point through Misrah il-Barrieri.

Walk Leader: Simon

Duration: 3 ½ hours including break (0500-0830)

Distance: about 14 km

Some photos below, courtesy of Alfred Camilleri.

Kuncizzjoni Church at Msida

Ghajn tal-Hasselin, Msida

Il-Wied ta' Birkirkara

Birkirkara Valley - water tunnel beneath street

Hal Lija- Kappella tal-Kuncizzjoni

Hal-Lija- Is Salvatur l-Antika

Hal-Lija- The Wedding Cake

Birkirkara-Santa Marija

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