Saturday, 28 February 2009

Gozo Weekend, Saturday Feb 28th Walk. Part 1

Today’s walk, the second one of this 4th Gozo weekend, started near the Sports Complex (Victoria). Around 60 ramblers headed uphill towards Xaghra (tas-Sellum), passed by it-Tempju ta’ Santa Verna, descended towards Ta’ Hamet, passing near in-Nuffara & uphill towards Nadur through a footpath leading to it-Torri ta’ Kenuna. After walking along the Nadur Belvedere, we crossed the village and then,through another footpath, we walked along il-Wied ta’ Bingemma.

The next part, from the end of San Blas road to Dahlet Qorrot was one of the most scenic – we walked around beautiful garigue and crossed another two valleys,Wied ir-Rihan and il-Wied ta’ Dahlet Qorrot.

At Dahlet Qorrot, we had a longish break for lunch, consisting of previously-ordered Gozitan pizzas and ftajjar, and delivered by our President Lino Bugeja. After lunch we headed towards San Blas through scenic and adventurous footpaths, until we crossed il-Wied ta’ San Blas. After this steep but short slope, i.e. after some 14km walking, some ramblers decided to return to Rabat through Nadur, while others opted for the whole planned walk through Ramla l-Hamra.

From Ramla we headed towards Marsalforn through footpaths on the slopes, succeeding in reaching the cliff-edge through a minzel. We then passed through Ta’ Pergla and via another footpath we headed through il-Wied tal-Ghezien and crossed il-Wied ta’ Gnien Imrik.

Finally we headed uphill towards Ta’ Srug where we enjoyed marvelous views of Gozo’s many hills, with il-Wied ta’ Marsalforn just below us. After a short rest, we reached our starting point through another footpath.

If there were any doubts, this walk was a vivid proof that Gozo is an island replete with valleys and hills.

Walk Leader: Simon.

Duration: 8 1/2 hours including breaks (0930-1800)

Distance: 22 km

Some photos here and in the post below.

Ic-Cittadella & its suburb, Rabat

Xewkija parish church

Heading towards it-Torri Ta’ Kenuna

Just below in-Nuffara (1)

Just below in-Nuffara (2)

Il-Wied ta’ Bingemma

Beautiful garigue

Views of Dahlet Qorrot & it-Torri ta’ Sopu

Heading towards Dahlet Qorrot

An interesting stretch, with a little bit of clambering

Wied ir-Rihan

Gozo Weekend, Saturday Feb 28th Walk. Part 2

Beautiful garigue

Descending towards il-Wied ta’ San Blas

Il-Wied ta’ San Blas

Ramla l-Hamra (1)

Ramla l-Hamra (2)

Heading towards ta’ Pergla

Views of Ramla l-Hamra

Reaching the cliff edge through a ‘minzel’

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday 15th February -Victoria Lines Walk

Around forty people had booked for this walk, but only twenty six actually turned up (including a 73-year old). Was it because of the walk description? If so, then why book in the first place? Maybe it was because of the rain at the start of the day? Then they must have been sorry, as the rest of the day turned out to be ideal weather for walking.

We succeeded in walking all the way below the Victoria Lines from the eastern end of the lines, Fort Pembroke, to the other end, Fomm ir-Rih, ending up at Gnejna at around 4pm.

On our way, we passed a number of ditches (especially near Dwejra Lines), forts(in particular Fort Mosta), and crossed a number of valleys, namely, Wied Faham, Wied Anglu, Wied il-Ghasel, Wied ta’ Sejkla, Wied ta’ Bingemma, Wied ta’ Bur Nuhhala, Wied ta’ Santi & finally we descended through Wied il-Hmar.

A difficult but rewarding and enjoyable walk!

Walk leader: Simon

Duration: 7 ½ hours

Distance: 21 kilometres

Some photos below.

Bahar ic-Caghaq – approaching the Coast Road

Ghar San Pietru

A difficult stretch – just before Wied ta’ Bingemma

More photos below, courtesy of Marcel Pisani

Bahar ic-Caghaq – on the ridge

Just after crossing Wied il-Faham

Climbing below the Lines

Approaching Wied Anglu

Ghar San Pietru

View from Ghar San Pietru ( 1 )

View from Ghar San Pietru ( 2 )

Ghar San Pietru

Approaching Wied il-Ghasel

The infamous quarry, with Fort Mosta in the background

Approaching Fort Mosta

Just below Fort Mosta

Climbing the ditch near Fort Mosta

A well-deserved rest

The Victoria Lines and Gnien l-Gharusa tal-Mosta

A commemorative inscription at San Guzepp tat-Targa

The excavated ditch at Dwejra Lines

Just below Dwejra Lines

The last part of Dwejra Lines’ ditch

Approaching il-Wied ta’ Bingemma

Descending towards the valley – Bingemma chapel can be glimpsed in the background

Views of Mgarr countryside and Gozo

Vernacular architecture – Razzett & Migbha

Descending towards Gnejna

Victoria Lines Walk - some more photos

More photos of this walk, courtesy of Silvan Mugliett.

Madliena Tower

Fort Mosta

Approaching Dwejra Lines

Ditch along Dwejra Lines

Bingemma - Madonna ta' l-Ittria Chapel


Approaching Gnejna