Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday 8th February Il-Vapur ta' L-Art

Walk leader: Felix

Photos courtesy of Silvan Mugliett

Rabat Tunnel (looking towards Museum Station)

Notabile Station

Site of former railway track between Notabile and San Salvatore

Triq il-Linja: View from Attard Station, now a public garden

Remains of Viaduct and Embankment, Attard

Birchircara Station

Third Class Railcar preserved at Birchircara Station

Outside Birchircara Station - the trains used to pass along Psaila Street on the way to Sta Venera

Memories of former times: "Railway Bazaar" in Psaila Street

─Žamrun Station - nowadays used as ─Žamrun Boys Scouts HQ

Portes des Bombes - Railway bridge at the exit of the outer bastion (Fausse Braye)

Portes des Bombes - Tunnel exit from St Philip's Bastion (now walled up)

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