Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bidnija and L-Imselliet Walk 3rd July 2010

Some 25 ramblers turned up for this early-morning walk.

From the starting point (Gnien l-Gharusa tal-Mosta) , we headed towards Fort Mosta, descended through a footpath to the Burmarrad Plain, and walked uphill along Wied l-Arkata...Here we had a small detour and a rest to be able to observe the sunrise.We skirted Bidnija and passed near Hal Dragu till we reached il-Wied ta' Sejkla. Eventually through another footpath on the ridge we reached il-Wied tal-Imselliet. On our way back, we headed towards our starting point through Wiel il-Hzejjen and ta' Falka.

Walk Leader: Simon

Duration: 3 1/2 hours including breaks (0500-0830)

Distance: about 13 km

Some photos below.

MessageSunrise at 5:50 am

MessageGharqub - cantilevered stone gate-socket

MessageOn the ridge between two valleys

MessageWied l-Imselliet

Garni / Arum Italicum

MessageA typical lane - outskirts of Zebbiegh

Message Wied il-Hzejjen

MessageWalking along the valley floor

MessageMessageA typical 'Razzett' - near ta' Falka

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