Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ramblers oppose development in ODZ sites at Ta’ Cenc

From TMIS 20th June 2010

Ramblers oppose development in ODZ sites at Ta’ Cenc
I refer to the article entitled “NGOs give tentative approval to new Ta’ Cenc proposals” (TMIS, 13 June).

This article may have erroneously given the impression that the Ramblers’ Association of Malta (RAM) has come out in favour of the proposed development. This is not the case.

As an organisation that has consistently upheld legality and adherence to the Structure Plan, the RAM cannot agree to any development in an ODZ area or within a Special Area of Conservation, except as permitted by law.

Although the RAM has acknowledged that the last proposal improved considerably on the previous plans, my association will continue to uphold this stance. While acknowledging the anomalous circumstances of the existing villas and the ongoing court case of the developer, my association will not support any creative interpretation of the planning laws, which envisages the construction of new residential units outside the development zone, even more so in the absence of any watertight guarantees.

Finally, my organisation will continue to insist on the public’s right of access to national cultural heritage sites and to the cliff edge – a right exercised since time immemorial and which is recognised by law and the Structure Plan.

Alex Vella
Ramblers’ Association of Malta

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