Saturday, 26 January 2008

Ras il-Pellegrin 26 January 2008

Just under ninety ramblers assembled at Mgarr to enjoy a stroll in the glorious winter sunshine along the central high grounds on the western shore. And what an eventful day it turned out to be. Trudging on the asphalt as far as Fomm ir-Rih, ramblers’ attention was at once drawn to the issue of accessibility to this popular beach. The former owners of the villa that today incorporates the war-time pillbox have closed the military road which provided the only safe access to the beach, with the Government taking no steps whatsoever to remedy the injustice in spite of promises by various ministers.

The usurped beach

We followed the concrete path up the promontory of Ras il-Pellegrin, to the prehistoric temple remains there. The cliff edge was then followed in full sight of the wild rugged coast hugged by the calm dark blue depths with the white cliffs of Ta’ Cenc yonder under a celestial body interspersed with white cloud.

Rugged beach with Ta' Cenc in the background

The panorama kept changing as the cliff edge gradually takes a northward direction and the sandy inlets came into view, with Gnejna directly beneath.

Slippery slope to Gnejna bay

The tricky descent on the wet clay slopes kept all amused watching their careful step. Still many slid on their backside to take proof home with them of the slippery conditions we encountered. With varying degrees of mud stuck to pants and shoes all were safely down to the sands of Gnejna and a merited rest and refreshment.

Before the walk resumed, all ramblers responded enthusiastically to a call to perform the “good deed of the day” which consisted of a five minute clean-up of the beach from the rubbish and flotsam that covered the sand.

Cleansing a beach in 3 minutes flat

In less than that the beach was spotless as the platoon attacked and carried all back to the empty bins.

Filling the bins

Encouraged by the crack result ramblers set up on the hill climb and left to the Lippija tower and the splendid sights of Il-Karraba and the golden bays beyond.

Kaleidoscopic Karraba

The changing panorama in the resplendent light was a journey in heavenly bliss. We then followed the path past the Roman Baths, on to tarmaced surface and finally back to Mgarr.

Walk Leader: Alex
Duration: 3 1/2 hours

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