Sunday, 20 January 2008

Attard to Simblija Walk 20 January 2008

Today was an ideal day for walking in the Maltese countryside, sunny but not too warm. About 75 ramblers turned up at 0830, all eager to start. From our meeting place in Attard, we took country paths as much as possible, passing through Wied ta' Campra, close to the Ta Qali Crafts Village, then passing close to the hamlet of Hemsija, until we ended up in Saqqajja.

We crossed Rabat through an area known as ir-Rabat ta' l-iMdina. Then to Wied Gheriexem until we reached a vantage point where we could observe, at a distance, one of the very vew medieval chapels still standing in Malta. This chapel, know as tas-Sancir, was once dedicated to the Eastern Orthodox San Cirillu, hence the name. It was afterwards dedicated to San Mikiel, more in keeping with the burgeoning Roman Catholic religion embraced (enforced?) on the general population.

From here we backtracked back to the main road, then to Nigret, and down to Wied Liemu. We walked through this highly scenic valley, through Raba Nemel, Hofret ir-Rizz, then through Ta Baldu until we arrived at is-Simblija. Here we stopped for a short break while observing this troglodyte settlement, which includes a medieval chapel.

At around noon, the whole group headed towards Dingli, with the majority continuing on to Dingli to make their own way back to Attard. Approximately 30 ramblers opted to continue walking back to Attard, via country roads and the scenic Wied ta' l-Isqof, reaching Attard before 1430.

Some photos below.

Ramblers stopping traffic to cross the road

Listening attentively - what is he saying?

No Entry sign with Simblija in the background

Walking past the No Entry sign

Walk leader: Simon
Duration: 3 1/2 hours to Dingli only
5 1/2 hours total.

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