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Open Walks Programme: January to June 2008

Below please find the programme of open walks that RAM has organised for the period January to June 2008. Most routes might entail walking over some rough terrain in open countryside. Good walking shoes and suitable clothing for the weather are therefore recommended. It is always a good idea to bring some drinking water along, especially on the longer walks. Some walks might present problems to anyone who is not used to walking over unpaved ground.

Please note that while RAM takes great care in picking the trails, one’s safety is ultimately one’s responsibility. RAM declines all responsibility for any personal injury or loss of belongings, as stated on the Indemnity Form that members sign for this purpose.

Although RAM endeavours to adhere to the published walks programme, change of the route, date or other details may become necessary and the right is reserved to make such changes without prior notice.

In case of very bad weather, walks might be cancelled. If in doubt please consult the website or phone 99497080.


Sunday 20th January Attard / Hemsija / Simblija (Scenic/historical)

Non-circular route

From the meeting place, we will walk towards il-Hemsija, up to Saqqajja Hill, crossing right across Rabat to Wied Gheriexem, then to Nigret, Wied Liemu and to the troglodyte settlement of Simblija. From here, walkers can opt to walk to Dingli to catch a bus back to our starting point, or else walk back, possibly via a different route.

Rating: Moderate, with some inclines.

Duration: 3½ hours if returning by bus from Dingli, or 6 to 7 hours round trip

Meeting place: Mdina Road, at the beginning of the short road to Mt Carmel Hospital (near the petrol station)

Time: 0830

Saturday 26th January Ras il-Pellegrin (Scenic/Historical))

This is a relatively easy walk with cultural interests thrown in as they are encountered. From Mgarr church we will proceed towards Palazzo Zammitello and turn sharp left to take the pathway to the Ras il-Pellegrin promontory. Viewing the interesting remains there and the wonderful sights we will proceed to Gnejna and then up to the Lippija Tower. Those who tire out can proceed directly back to the Mgarr church and their cars while the rest walk will proceed towards more scenic views of Il-Karraba and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay past the Roman Baths at Il-Fawwara and back to Mgarr church.

Rating: Moderate with some steep inclines.

Duration: 4 hours for the full circuit, 2 ½ hrs for the shorter circuit.

Meeting place: Mgarr Church parvis.

Time: 0930 hrs

Sunday 17th February Gharghur - Maghtab - Bahar ic Caghaq (Scenic)

Non-circular route

The exact route will vary, but will pass through St Julian’s, Madliena, Gharghur, Maghtab and Bahar ic Caghaq. Walkers will then need to take a bus back to the meeting place, or arrange for some alternate means of transport themselves. (They can also opt to walk back if they feel like it).

Rating: Moderate, with some inclines.

Duration: 3½ hours if returning by bus via the coast road

Meeting place: Near St. Julians Police Station

Time: 0930

Sunday 24th February Fawwara (Scenic)

From the meeting place, we will walk towards Buskett, visiting the troglodyte settlements of Ghar il-Kbir. Then we proceed towards Fawwara, visiting Girgenti valley on the way back.

Rating: Moderate with some steep inclines.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Meeting place: Front gate, Verdala Palace, Buskett (near the bus stop)

Time: 0930

Sunday 9th March Qolla tal Wardija (Scenic/Historical)

This walk will proceed from Burmarrad up the valley known as Wied Qannotta in the direction of Il-Qolla, which is a hillock that shows traces of a bronze-age village. Marine archaeologist Timothy Gambin will explain the site and its strategic position vis-à-vis the old shoreline of the area. Other interesting and scenic areas in Bahrija and Bidnija will be taken in on our way back to Burmarrad via a different route, and Timothy will undoubtedly point out more details on the way.

Rating: Some steep inclines

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting place: Burmarrad , near Scotts supermarket

Time: 0930

Saturday 22nd March Victoria Lines - West (Scenic/Historical)

We will walk from Rabat to Mtarfa via the Gheriexem bridge and then down to Wied il-Qlejgha (Chadwick Lakes). We will then go uphill to the Dwejra Lines and follow them up to Bingemma, after which we will then head back to Rabat.

Rating: Some moderately steep gradients

Duration: 3 to 4hours

Meeting place: Domus Romana, Rabat

Time: 0930

Tuesday 25th March Follow the Drop - Coast to Coast (Scenic)

Non-circular route

The idea of this walk is to visit water catchment areas and follow the natural water course/s from Dingli to Marsa. We will start at Dingli - walk for a short length along Dingli cliffs to Buskett, where we will then follow the water courses to the outskirts of Siggiewi/Zebbug. From here we will continue through Wied il-Kbir to Marsa. The exact route will depend substantially on the actual weather conditions.

Rating: Mostly downhill with some parts of the route through wet valley beds. Duration: 4-5 hours

Meeting place: Bobbyland Bar and Restaurant, Dingli Cliffs

Time: 0930

Wednesday 26th March Mgiebah (Scenic)

Walk along the north-eastern coast of Malta that will take us from Selmun Palace right down to Mistra Bay and further along the coast past St Pauls Islands to Mgiebah and back to Selmun via Mellieha.

Rating: Rough terrain with some steep inclines.

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting place: Selmun Palace

Time: 0930

Sunday 20th April Qala, Nadur Walk (Scenic)

From Mgarr Harbour we head towards Qala via Ghajnsielem, stopping briefly near the chapel of the Immaculate Conception and Qala Cemetery. We then cross Qala village heading towards Ta’ Cini valley, visiting the watch tower at the end of Ta’Tocc heading towards Dahlet Qorrot. The walk will then take us to San Blas bay visiting Ta’ Sopu Tower that was recently restored. At San Blas bay, we will stop for a 20-minute break in the garden overlooking the bay. Instead of resting, ramblers might opt to go down to the bay itself (not for the faint hearted). We will then head towards Nadur & Kenuna Tower, admiring the view from the Belvedere and making our way towards Mgarr Harbour to catch the ferry back to Malta.

Alternatively we might head towards Hondoq Ir- Rummien, continuing to Qala Point on the cliffs, Ghar Dorf, to Ta’ Muxi Valley, reaching the watch tower at Ta’Tocc. In this case we will skip the Immaculate Conception chapel and Ta’ Cini valley. Details will be given on the actual day.

As usual, the actual routes are subject to change.

Rating: Fairly smooth, but with some rough terrain when crossing valleys and near the cliffs.

Duration: about 6 to 7 hours

Meeting place: Cirkewwa Ferry

Time: 0845 sharp

Friday 6th June: Ic-Cumnija/Il-Prajjiet/Gnien Ingraw (Scenic)

This first evening walk will take us from Ghadira up to the Red Tower and the scenic cliffs at il-Qammieh. The view to the south will show us the way we will follow, past ic-Cumnija inlet towards Popeye village at il-Prajjiet. The sun should hopefully be setting on the horizon over the water as we climb the smooth incline leading to Il-Mansab, where we turn sharp left on the Manikata road in the direction of Mellieha and down the Gnien Ingraw valley back to our starting place at Ghadira.

Rating: Easy going with some inclines

Duration: about 3½ hours

Meeting place: Ghadira Roundabout

Time: 1700

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