Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MEPA to decide Friday on substation for Armier 'boathouses'

MEPA to decide Friday on substation for Armier 'boathouses'

Environment NGOs have, yet again, voiced their strong opposition to Mepa granting permission to Enemalta to set up an electricity substation serving the 'squatters' village' in Armier.

The decision is due to be taken by Mepa this Friday.

"Common sense instinctively guided the Case Officer to recommend an outright refusal of this application. Apparently the Case Officer has a lot more sense than Enemalta, which should never have submitted this application in the first place," the NGOs said.

They said the squatters are illegally occupying approximately 67,000 sq mt of prime seafront ODZ real estate at Armier bay.

"Enemalta, in their wisdom, have already supplied these 800 beach rooms with electricity, presumably without asking for a compliance certificate from Mepa, as they normally do for ordinary members of the public. Now Enemalta wants to strengthen the electricity supply, so that these squatters will be better served.

"For a member of the European Union that prides itself on its principles of democracy and justice to allow prime land to be illegally seized, and subsequently have this occupation supported by a government entity, is an insult to every tax-paying citizen of these over-exploited islands."

The NGOs - Ramblers Association of Malta, Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Din L-Art Helwa, Malta Organic and Agriculture Movement, Nature Trust Malta, Friends of the Earth Malta and Birdlife Malta urged Mepa to do what is reasonable, right and morally just, and 'throw out this application'.

"Mepa has recently been acting a little more responsibly in withholding permits to applicants who are clearly and blatantly abusing the system. An approval of this application would send out a totally different signal – that of rewarding illegality, and would go down in history as one of the most irresponsible, illegal and unjust precedents that MEPA has ever set."

Jay Oatmon

Today, 16:22

Malta is a third world country, it does what is easy not what is needed, and the politicians are spineless in dealing with lawbreakers in Malta.

Alan Xuereb

Today, 14:36

It's like setting up a smoking area for joints.

Mario Muscat

Today, 19:08

While I agree with you to a certain extent, it doesn't mean that all these people vote to the same party.

Philip Hili

Today, 13:29

@ M Farrugia

It is very interesting to know how Rodrick Galdes, a serving MP and a MEPA employee how is going to cast his vote in this matter. Is he after some votes, now that the election is nearing? Or is he going to vote against MEPA proposal as he always did in order to be opposing what MEPA proposes and this go against the squatters? Which side Roderick Galdes is going to side, the squatters' side or the MEPA side????

Siding with MEPA and against the squqtters I think it will be the first time that Roderick Galdes sides with his employer and against his parliamenty seat. Whereas if he sides the squatters, he will be ignoring the peoples' wish in order to accommodate people who occupied public land without any title.

Mr Duncan Scerri

Today, 13:42

What about the almost 25 years of PN failure to do anything, except promise to regularise the boathouses? Would you like that answer before the election? Hang on, you had it last election and the PN sided with the squatters. Twit.

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