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Ramblers' Association president steps down

Ramblers' Association president steps down

Lino Bugeja, president of the Ramblers' Association, has stepped down. He will be turning 80 this week.

Mr Bugeja told the association's annual general meeting that he was not standing for re-election and it was time for him to call it a day. This, he quipped, would help lower the average age of the committee. The members approved a motion to declare him honorary president.

Association Secretary Alex Vella, speaking on behalf of the committee and members, thanked Mr Bugeja for dedicating the past five years to furthering the objectives of the association, which he was instrumental in founding in 2005.

The seven members that will make up the new committee of the association are: Joe Agius, Romano Cassar, Mark de Marco, Saviour Grech, Michiel Paetzel, Josette Sultana, Alex Vella.

Two other members under 40 years of age will be co-opted to the committee by the elected members, according to the terms of the new statute.


Victor Carmelo Sciberras(3 weeks, 5 days ago)
Many Happy returns Lino, I have always loved reading your features about the three cities, maltese history and our countryside. Hope you will continue to write, which always makes my Sundays all the better by bringing Malta a little closer when I read your work on line.

Best wishes.
Pule' Carmel(1 month, 2 days ago)
I guess both of us always knew the real hidden beauty of Vittoriosa better than many people, as we grew, played and spent our childhood years roaming, its war ravished streets. In the name of all the people of Cottonera, I wish to sincerely thank you for popularising and projecting the real beauty of our three historic cities with your detailed writings and spectacular photographs, in many publications, in addition to your great efforts in preserving the beauty and tranquillity of our countryside. To that I must add further thanks, for your efforts, and examples, as a teacher, sportsman, family man, in assisting the youths of Cottonera to expand their education, their sport abilities, their personalities, their happiness, from what a meagre war battered zone provided and offered for you, to the highest levels which you helped to achieve.
Thank You,
Carmel Pule’and Family, Joe, Anthony, Victor, Marian, Bernadette, (Parents), Toni, Cettina.
And all the people of Cottonera,

Joseph V. Grech
(1 month, 3 days ago)
Thank you Lino Bugeja for your tireless work on behalf of the environment and people's basic rights!
How despicable that the Ramblers' sterling work was not fully appreciated - and backed - by our politicians. Sadly we still keep putting political interests before all other considerations.

Marco Cremona
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you for the thankless campaigning for the protection of Malta's environment and for furthering a culture of rambling and appreciation of Malta's natural beauty

From a fellow environmentalist
Marco Cremona

Sandro Bugeja
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you to a true gentleman.

R Muscat
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you Lino for all the good work that you have done over the years to open up the countryside to all those who appreciate and love nature, history and Malta.
Wish you very happy birthday and best wishes to the new committee may they be successful in their task which is an uphill battle against greed, destruction, machismo and ignorance.

S Zammit
(on 9/2/10)
Prosit Lino for all the good work you did to protect our ever diminishing countryside. Well done!! you are a good example to others and the island would be a better place for all of us if people would create awareness and protect nature so well as you did.
Best regards

(on 9/2/10)

Victor Fiorini
(on 9/2/10)
Happy birthday Lino. and thanks for your services

R. Bugeja
(on 9/2/10)
I feel proud to form part of your family tree Mr. Bugeja :)

Well done for all you've done for Malta and I wish you all the best!!

Frank Portelli 2BFRANK
(on 9/2/10)
Ad Multos Annos Lino

keep writing those interesting articles

Frank Portelli

peppi micallef
(on 9/2/10)
Grazzi minn qalbna Lino.

Joe Morana
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you very much Lino for your meaningful contribution towards safeguarding what is left of 'our' natural environment and heritage. You have been an example for others (of all ages ) to follow.
Best wishes.

S Debono
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you Mr. Bugeja. It is people like yourself who left a positive effect on Malta's natural environment and heritage. Maybe the Times could commemorate by carryng out some investigative work on current MEPA applications, and their impact on the environment. Hopefully environmental NGOs would be willing to assist.
a attard(on 9/2/10)

Dear Mr. Lino Bugeja, your work and enthusiasm in bringing about so much awareness and contributing towards the protection of our very little left open countryside and also heritage is greatly appreciated. Your energy will be a great inspiration for those who will follow on your path. Thankyou for all your work,

Paul Buttigieg
(on 9/2/10)
Hapy birthday May God bless you with many many more years of good health.

I would like to thank you (and I think I am not just talking for myself but for many others) for your ongoing work to save the natural beauty of our islands.

I always admired your true dedication by encouraging others to care for the environment like you do.

Hope to still hear you on the radio.

All the best

Paul and Carmen

Charles Sacco
(on 9/2/10)
Indeed, Mr Bugeja did a lot for the country, especially we boys who in the late fifties/early sixties hailed from Cottonera where, as a then Standard V class master he prepared us for the Lyceum entrance examination ... and all students passed with flying colours. Those were the days when the Cottonera excelled. I have always respected Mr Bugeja for his verve to pass on education to one and all and even now he continues to strive for a better Malta. At 80 years young, Ad Multos Annos, dear Sir!
schembri .ml(on 9/2/10)

Lino Bugeja is the person who did something for the future of our children.I would like to thank him on behalf of my grand children.

Evarist Saliba
(on 9/2/10)
Dear Lino,
It is a long time since we last met. Thank you for the initiatives you have taken to make the Maltese public more aware of the beauty of the countryside, which you have also sought to enhance and make it more accessible. May your example of graciously handing the baton to others be an inspiration to others.

Enjoy the fruit of your work in your new retirement.


Charles Flores
(on 9/2/10)
Lino Bugeja deserves every tribute he can get. He led by example. Even his decision to call it quits is an example to leaders in other sectors. Giving way to younger men and women is a natural process that many sadly resist. Doing a "Harold Wilson" is very much a part of that same process.
One hopes Lino's rambling days, though, are not over......

Muscat. Pat
(on 9/2/10)
Thank you Mr Bugeja; you are an honest gentleman.

J Brownie
(on 9/2/10)
A big thank you to a real gentleman who has Maltese enviornment and people's health close at heart .

Tony Mangion
(on 9/2/10)
Dear Lino, although you stepped down from the precidency of the Ramblers Association, every one hope that you will not stop stepping around our villages. Good luck and good health.

Gino Schiavone
(on 9/2/10)
Well done Lino. The Malta Exercise Health and Fitness Association wishes the best of luck in life. You have worked hard as a professional in your Free time to give the best to the community- and as an NGO representative you did this for Free. We hope there will be more professionals who set up NGO's where required- like a Federation of Outdoor Activities.

As an NGO MEHFA thanks you for your excellent work as we all benefit from such great initiatives.

Enjoy LIFE.

Joe Azzopardi
(on 9/2/10)
A big thank you to Lino Bugeja who has done much to bring to the attention of the general public the problems, but also the beauty, of the Maltese countryside. My complements also for his decision to step down after giving the Ramblers a solid base. It must be hard to let go of something one has given so much to create. Sahhit!!!

Kevin Zammit
(on 9/2/10)
A big heartfelt thank you Mr. Bugeja.

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