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RAM Statute





1.1 The Association shall be named THE RAMBLERS' ASSOCIATION OF MALTA,

herein called "the Association".


2.1 The address of the Association shall be Room 83, National Swimming Pool

Complex, Triq Maria Teresa Spinelli, Il-Gzira, or any such venue that the Committee

shall opportunely determine.


3.1 The Association shall be an apolitical, non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental

organisation set up to promote the following aims and objectives:

3.1.1 To promote rambling activities as a means of education on the Maltese natural

and cultural endowment and as a means of a healthy lifestyle,

3.1.2 To develop and protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage to be found in the

countryside of the Maltese Islands,

3.1.3 To organise walks and other educational activities and to disseminate among civil society information leading to a greater respect of the countryside;

3.1.4 To identify and to ensure the maintenance of a network of public footpaths in the open countryside,

3.1.5 To establish and to preserve the right of access to the open countryside and to the coastal zones,

3.1.6 To make representations to competent authorities and institutions in order to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Associations are pursued and that laws are enforced with respect to citizens' rights in accordance with the Environmental standards operative in the European Union,

3.1.7 To encourage and organise exchanges with foreign ramblers in order to strengthen mutual understanding internationally.


4.1 All persons believing in the objectives of the Association may become members on

payment of the membership fee. Membership entitles one to :

(i) participate in the activities organised by the Association;

(ii) receive publications and other communications issued by the Association;

(iii) the right to nominate candidates for, to vote at, and to contest, the election for the Committee during the General Meetings, on condition that his

membership had been fully endorsed for at least four months.

4.2 Members who fail to pay their annual subscription after two reminders will forfeit their membership.

4.3 The Committee has the right to withdraw or withhold the membership of an

applicant; however the applicant will have the right to appeal to the General

Meeting for reinstatement. In this case, a two thirds majority of members present

at the General Meeting is required to over-rule the decision of the committee.


5.1 Composition

5.1.1 The Committee will be of nine members. Seven of these will be elected during the AGM. Two others will be selected by the elected members from among all the members of the Association. This selection is intended to ensure that, whenever possible, the committee will include at least two persons under the age of forty years.

5.1.2 If the candidates standing for election are seven or less the members nominated will be automatically declared elected.

5.1.3 Elections of the Committee members will be held every three (3) years during the Annual General Meeting. Nomination of candidates must be received by the Secretary at least one week prior to the AGM date. Every nomination must be signed by a proposer, a person who seconds it, and by the nominee himself signifying his acceptance; and all three must be paid-up members. During the AGM the Secretary shall state the number of positions that still have to be filled and will call for more nominations from the floor. If more nominations than required are received, an election will be held to fill such remaining positions

5.1.4 The nine Committee members will assign among themselves the following roles:

President and Vice-President, Secretary and Asst. Secretary, Treasurer and Asst

Treasurer, PRO, a Walks Coordinator and a member who will be assigned a role as deemed necessary by the committee.

5.1.5 A vacancy of an elected candidate will be filled by the candidate with the next highest number of votes obtained in the last election.

5.1.6 The quorum for a committee will be of five if there are eight or nine members on the

committee, and of four members if there are seven or less

5.1.7 No person who holds a position on an administrative or executive committee of another environmental organisation or a political party may be nominated for election or allowed to become a committee member. Any existing committee member will forfeit membership on the Committee automatically if he contests the election of such committees.

5.1.8 Committee meetings may be convened as frequently as deemed necessary, but at least

once every two months. Prior notice and agenda will be circulated to all members of the committee at least three days in advance.

5.1.9 Any two members may call a meeting by written request to the Secretary, who will

convene the meeting within ten days.

5.2 Authority and Responsibility

5.2.1 The Committee will have the authority to co-opt members should there be no other

unelected candidate available. Co-opted members will enjoy the same rights as elected members.

5.2.2 The committee will have the authority to appoint sub-committees with such remits as may be established.

5.2.3 The Committee shall have the authority and the responsibility to administer and manage the Association, to formulate policy and procedures, to determine membership fees, and to ensure that all members will pursue the Aims and Objectives of the Association effectively. The Committee shall also be empowered to establish foundations or similar entities for the further promotion of the Association’s aims and objectives.

5.2.4 The Committee shall be authorised to deregister/register the Association as a legal person or to enrol the Association as the Committee deems fit when and where applicable. Accordingly the Committee shall be authorised to apply for grants, sponsorships or other financial aid or such exemptions, privileges or other entitlements that the Government or other institutions may make available to voluntary organizations from time to time.

5.2.5 A Committee member who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without justification, will be asked whether he intends to keep his place on the committee. He will be given another chance to attend the next meeting. The Committee will take a vote on his status if s/he again fails to attend inasmuch as the Committee needs committed persons to carry on its duties. .

5.3 Representation

5.3.1 The President of the Association, or if so delegated by him the Secretary, shall act as

Administrator for the intents and purposes of the Voluntary Organisations Act. The Administrator shall be vested with the legal and judicial representation of the Association. However the committee may appoint any other one of its members to act in lieu of the two officers indicated.


6.1 The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be convened on a Saturday during February of every year with the following Agenda:

i) President’s address

ii) Annual Administrative Report for the previous year ending 31st January.

iii) Annual Statement of Account and Auditors’ Report

iv) Amendments to the statute, if any

v) Appointment of Auditors for the current year

vi) Every three years, hold the election by secret ballot for the members of a new

committee. In this event two election commissioners will be appointed to conduct the election.

vii) Other matters

6.2 The Secretary will call an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING within one

month from date of a written request by at least fifty paid up members of the

Association to consider those matters raised in the request. The relative notice will be

circulated to all members of the Association at least one week before the meeting.

6.3 Half the number of the paid-up members will form a quorum for any General

Meeting. The quorum will fall to 25 members after the lapse of 15 minutes from the

publicised time of the meeting.

6.4 The General Meeting may appoint not more than two Honorary Presidents, and Honorary Members by simple majority of members present.


7.1 No articles of the present statute shall be altered or rescinded, nor any new ones

incorporated, unless notice of details of such alterations is received by the Secretary

thirty days prior to the date of a General Meeting. The Secretary shall circulate such detailed notice to all members of the Association twenty days before the date. Two thirds majority of voting members present at the General Meeting can carry the amendment/s through.


8.1 The Association will be dissolved only by an Extraordinary General Meeting especially convened for this purpose by a motion which is not opposed by any one of the members present.

8.2 In case of dissolution of the Association all the net assets pertaining to it shall be transferred to the Environmental Non-government Organisation/s whose aims are closest to those of the Association. The specific organization/s will be determined by a simple majority of those present at the Extraordinary General Meeting.


9.1 In this statute the masculine gender shall include the feminine.

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