Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ramblers again call on Mepa to stop Bahrija works

Ramblers again call on Mepa to stop Bahrija works

Photo supplied by Ramblers Association

The concrete road beside the controversial Bahrija development has subsided due to the removal of clay from the site, the Ramblers Association said.

In a letter to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, the association asked the authority to confirm that the works were monitored by Mepa’s enforcement officers and carried out according to the method statement.

In August, Mepa revoked the permit issued to former PN president Victor Scerri to extend his planned farmhouse in Bańßrija. The decision, however, did not affect an earlier permit, issued in 2003 and amended in 2005, for the reconstruction of a dilapidated farmhouse on the site.

The ramblers said today that the size of the disturbed site increased in spite of the fact the permit now in force specified a smaller footprint.

They said that the board exhibiting the permits was dislodged from its position and the permit forms removed.

The association said that the new method statement reportedly issued by Mepa last week was not traceable on the authority’s website.

It said that more blue clay was carted away from site. This was not permitted by law.

The ramblers called on the authority to stop the works in view of these developments or to give a satisfactory explanation.

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