Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bahrija Valley Ruin 20 June 2009

NGOs welcome halt to Bahrija Development by -
Local News -- 20 June 2009 -- 14:25CEST
The excavation for the 2-storey rustic house to replace 3 tool-rooms that is thought to be in excess of the excavation footprint permitted by MEPA, leading MEPA to stop the works pending investigations
Ramblers, Flimkien ghal-Ambjent Ahjar, NatureTrust and MOAM welcome the news that development on the Bahrija valley site has halted as investigations into the granting of the controversial permit take their course.

Reacting to remarks made by PN president Victo Scerri, the NGOs said that at no time was any reference made to the permit being issued after the election. It was other permits that were mentioned as being granted recently, referring to areas Outside Development Zone such as Wied il-Ghasel, contrary to Dr Scerri's impression that he had been singled out for attention.

"The NGOs have no interest in attacking any individual but choose rather to focus on the Development Control Commission which approves permits recommended for refusal by the Case Officer. The NGOs will also continue to challenge architects who specialise in obtaining dubious permits, regardless of which side they sit in Parliament," they added.

FAA, Ramblers and Nature Trust said that they are not against agricultural, infrastructural or other bona-fide development in the countryside which respects planned policy and environmental constraints as well as honouring European and international obligations.

The NGOs reiterated their positive response to the suspension of works and trust that a thorough investigation will be carried out by the MEPA Auditor whose role it is to investigate such cases and who enjoys the trust of all. They furthermore call on MEPA to handle this matter speedily so that justice will be done to all parties.

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