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Walks Programme: January to March 2009

Walks Programme: January to March 2009

Below please find the programme of walks that RAM has organised for the period January to March 2009. Some routes entail walking over rough terrain in open countryside. Good walking shoes and suitable clothing for the weather are therefore recommended. It is always a good idea to bring some drinking water along, especially on the longer walks. Some walks might present problems to anyone who is not used to walking over unpaved ground.

Please note that while RAM takes great care in picking the trails, one’s safety is ultimately one’s responsibility. RAM declines all responsibility for any personal injury or loss of belongings.

Although RAM endeavours to adhere to the published walks programme, a change of route, date, or other details may become necessary and we reserve the right to make such changes without prior notice.

All walks are circular walks unless otherwise noted.

In case of very bad weather, walks might be cancelled. If in doubt please consult the blog ( or phone 99497080.

Finally, it goes without saying that all participants need to be members of our association.

Note: Booking a place on a restricted walk is not the same as buying a ticket to a concert. I.e., the person who was accepted on the walk cannot decide to transfer his/her place to another person.

If you have made a booking, then we assume that you intend to join the walk. If, subsequently, something happens and you cannot make it, you might want to inform us if you have time, and we will see if there are other people on the standby list who might want to join the walk, even at short notice.

Saturday 3rd January
The Four Santa Marias of the South (Scenic, Cultural)

The idea of this walk is to revive an old tradition which used to take place on the eve of Santa Marija’s feast, when seven villages were visited. From our meeting place, we will walk towards Qrendi, reaching its parish church after approximately 2 hours. From there we continue towards Mqabba and Gudja (passing through the outskirts of Kirkop & Safi) using secondary roads and footpaths as much as possible. After reaching Ghaxaq, we return to our meeting place through Wied Garnaw.

Duration : about 7 1/2 hours

Rating : Moderate terrain except the first part from Luqa to Qrendi; otherwise no particular gradients, but remember that this is a very long walk.

Meeting place : Luqa Parish Church

Time : 8:00am

Alternately, you may join the walk in Qrendi, as mentioned below. Obviously this means that the walk will not be circular for those taking this option.

Meeting place and time: Qrendi Parish Church at 9:45 am.


Thursday 8th January

Ghar Lapsi - Fawwara - Girgenti (Scenic, Historical and Geological)

A countryside walk that will take ramblers from Ghar Lapsi to Girgenti via Fawwara hamlet, with lots of scenic and geological interest thrown in.

Duration: 3 hours

Rating: Moderate with a few inclines on uneven terrain

Meeting Place: Old Police Station at Ghar Lapsi

Time: 2.00pm


Sunday 18th January

Three Coastal Towers, Two Wayside Chapels, One Redoubt (Scenic, Cultural, Historical ) Salina / Bahar ic-Caghaq / Maghtab

Non Circular Walk

The idea of this walk is to visit the coastal fortifications in this area together with two wayside chapels. The route to be taken depends on the actual weather conditions, opting to pass through footpaths & secondary roads as much as possible. Once the final destination is reached, one can take a bus back to the starting point.

Duration : about 4 1/2 hours

Rating : Moderate terrain, no particular steep gradients.

Meeting place : Kennedy Grove

Time : 8:30 am


Wednesday 21st January - Zebbiegh and Wardija (Scenic and geological)

From Zebbiegh we will take a country path to Wardija and will proceed on the ridge until we descend to Burmarrad. We will follow a footpath that will take us up to the Bidnija ridge from where we will proceed back to Zebbiegh.

Duration: 3 hours

Rating: Moderate with long inclines on uneven terrain

Meeting Place: Zebbiegh parish church

Time: 2.00pm


Saturday 31st January: Madliena Fort (Historical & Scenic)
Arrangements have been made for the Madliena Fort to be opened to Ramblers to visit and for a guide to explain the site as intended for war purposes. There will be no entrance fee for the visit although a donation on site will be appreciated for the restoration of the fort. This will be the highlight of the walk which will take us through Gharghur from Naxxar on country lanes and roads. The walk will continue along the Victoria Lines past the cart ruts back to Naxxar.

Duration: 3 hours
Rating: Smooth to moderate with some light inclines
Meeting Place: Naxxar Parish Church
Time: 2.00pm


Wednesday 4th February - Bahrija (Scenic and Archeological)

A scenic and historical circular walk in the countryside around Bahrija that will take ramblers to the Bronze Age village of Tal-Qlejgha, then along the coast to Mtahleb passing by some Roman quarries, the Mtahleb hamlet and Mtahleb chapel before returning to Bahrija through country paths.

Duration: 3 hours

Rating: Moderate with some inclines and uneven terrain

Meeting Place: Bahrija parish church

Time: 2.00pm


Sunday 8th February Il-Vapur ta’ l-Art (Historical)

Non Circular Walk – Restricted Walk

This walk follows as much as possible the track of the old railway line between Valletta and Mdina. A few kilometers will be in the still un-built countryside but much of the walk will be in built-up areas. We shall try to identify as much as possible the remains of railway civil works that can still be seen. We shall back-track in some places due to development interrupting the line.

Since most of the walk is along busy roads the number of participants is being limited to the first 25 persons. (If necessary this walk will be repeated).

This is a restricted walk. Please book, preferably by email on quoting subject “Il-Vapur ta’ L-Art”, or alternately (if you have no access to email) by SMS to 79425744. Booking will open 10 days before the walk, i.e., on 29th January. Any requests before that date will be disregarded.

Meeting Place: To be notified

Rating: Moderate

Duration: 4-5 hours

Special Risks: Walking along busy roads


Tuesday 10th February: Dingli and Mtahleb (Cultural & Scenic)
Although we have walked this route several times, this route remains popular as it takes ramblers from Dingli through country paths and lanes to Mtahleb for the scenery. The route continues through the outskirts of Rabat via Santa Caterina back to Dingli centre.

Duration: 3 hours
Rating: Moderate with a few inclines
Meeting Place: Dingli Parish Church
Time: 9.00am


Sunday 15th February Below the Victoria Lines (Scenic, Cultural, Historical) Non Circular Walk – Restricted Walk

The idea of this walk is to ramble just below the Victoria Lines from one extreme point to another. This is a very difficult walk due to the very rough terrain. If you do not consider yourself physically fit, please DO NOT book for this walk.

This is a restricted walk. Please book, preferably by email on

quoting subject “Victoria Lines”, or alternately (if you have no access to email) by SMS to 79425744. Booking will open 10 days before the walk, i.e., on 5th February. Any requests before that date will be disregarded.

Duration : about 8 hours

Rating : Very difficult terrain, sometimes very steep gradients. Only for experienced ramblers, not for the faint-hearted.

Meeting place : To be notified

Time : To be notified


Wednesday 18th February: Old Roman Road (Historical & Scenic)
The walk starts off at Mgarr and leads to Manikata through Mrejmu, then the Bajda Ridge and along the Roman road to the Mellieha pumping station before returning to Mgarr via Zebbiegh.

Duration: 3 hours
Rating: Moderate on uneven terrain
Meeting Place: Mgarr Parish Church
Time: 2.00pm


Friday 27th February to Sunday 1st March

Gozo Weekend

More details in the forthcoming newsletter.


Sunday 8th March Delli-Majjiesa (Scenic)

Restricted Walk

Our popular and well-subscribed rough ramble on the wild boulder scree beneath Xaghra l-Hamra is again on our program this year. This scenic walk is a somewhat difficult ramble and only suitable for experienced ramblers. Due to the particular nature of the area as well as its ecological sensitivity, participation is limited to around 25 members.

Please book, preferably by email on quoting subject “Delli”, or alternately by SMS (if you have no access to email) to 79425744. Booking will open 10 days before the walk, i.e., on 26th February. Any requests before that date will be disregarded. Preference will be given to members who have never been on this walk with us.

Rating: Mostly rough terrain which requires the participant's full attention.

Duration: about 3 hours

Meeting place: To be notified

Time: To be notified


Sunday 15th March - The Valletta Fortifications (Scenic and Historical)

The idea is to walk around and under the fortified walls of Valletta from the side of Marsamxett harbour to reach up at The Waterfront at the Grand Harbour end. We will pass by the Excelsior Hotel and down to Marsamxett on the coastline beneath Fort Saint Elmo through to the Breakwater, Customs House and Pinto Stores. Thence we will ascend the Crucifix Hill through the scenic Kalkara gardens back to the starting point at the Bus Terminus at City Gate.

Duration: 4 hours

Rating: Moderate to rough

Meeting Place: City Gate, Valletta

Time: 9.00am


Sunday 29th March Wied id-Dis (Scenic)

A circular walk that will start us up the ridge of Madliena from Pembroke, then down besides the Gharghur fireworks factory to Wied id-Dis. This valley system was fed with water from as far as San Gwann and Tal-Balal. Today it is dominated by the infamous Busietta Gardens. Having walked through the beauty and the beast we will proceed to the plain of Bahar-ic-Caghaq, passing by Gebel San Pietru. At the pebble beach we turn right towards Blata l-Bajda point and Madliena Tower further on. We will pass through the former caravan site, recently "cleaned up" and through the rifle ranges of Pembroke back to the starting place.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Rating: Moderate to hard and long uneven surfaces

Meeting Place: Radisson Hotel Car park, San Gorg.

Time: 9.00am


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