Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday 18th January Walk

Three Coastal Towers, Two Wayside Chapels, One Redoubt (Scenic, Cultural, Historical ) – Salina / Bahar ic-Caghaq / Maghtab

A group of sixty ramblers turned up for today’s walk. From our meeting place we headed towards Salina. After passing by the Perellos Redoubt (also known as Ximenes Redoubt) and its nearby well-conserved fougasse, we started heading (through country lanes) towards the first watch tower, it-Torri tal-Ghallis. From there we headed inland, towards Maghtab, where we had a short rest near the rural chapel dedicated to Santa Marija.

After approximately 30 minutes we reached Qalet Marku, where we visited the next watch tower, known as it-Torri ta’ Qalet Marku or it-Torri ta’ Qrejten.

From there, we again crossed the Coast Road and headed inland, passing through country lanes towards the outskirts of Bahar ic-Caghaq, until we reached the (once rural) chapel dedicated to San Gwann l-Evangelista, where we had another short rest.

From there we crossed the Coast Road back to the seaward side, where we followed a relatively difficult path to reach the ex-caravan site, and continued via the coastline till we reached our last watch tower, it-Torri tal-Madliena. Another fougasse is located here, just a few metres away from the tower.

This last watch tower marked the end of today’s walk.

Distance : 12 km

Time: 4 hours ( 0830 – 1230 )

Walk leader: Simon

A track of our walk, courtesy of Sandro Bugeja

And some photos below.

Near the Perellos Redoubt

Our secretary

The fougasse at Salina

Approaching Ghallis Tower

Torri ta' l-Ghallis

Torri ta' Qalet Marku

Kappella ta' San Gwann l-Evangelista

Fougasse near Madliena Tower

Madliena Tower

The salt pans at Bahar ic-Chaghaq

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