Thursday, 6 March 2008

Wied Qirda infringement

Dear Sir,

Ref. ECF00079/08

Extract from MEPA website:

Planning Enforcement Number

Location of development

Description of infringement

Enforcement Officer


Site at, Wied Qirda, Limiti Ta', Zebbug (Malta)

Excavations and clearing of soil without permit

Manuel Borg

This infringement was reported in January and had stopped for a while. During election week activity has increased with intensity, and now there are power poles and cables installed. When the enforcement office MEPA was contacted by phone yesterday, the blunt reply was that no car was available to visit the site. This shows crass incompetence and unwillingness on the part of the Authority to stop illegality. Countless enforcement orders dating many years have not been acted upon and laws and regulations remain conspicuous by their non-application. With infringements still in place after long years the wrongdoer takes all the benefit of his illegal action and the wrong message is being sent out. Indeed it is evident that the wrong message is received and actioned at will and without impunity.

Please act according to the oath you had taken on assuming responsibility of your office, as it is your duty to God and the people.

Alex Vella
Ramblers Association of

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