Saturday, 29 March 2008

Majjesa Cliffs 29March 2008

This walk has now become a staple yearly event for Ramblers with a restricted group of around 20 members each time. We endeavour to seek members who have not previously done this wonderful trek each year and we purposely keep numbers to a minimum bearing in mind the sensitivity of this site. After trekking across Xaghra l-Hamra we descended to the Rdum area where the going is quite rough in places - though these days participants come well prepared and a fall on one's backside has become something of a rarity. Going through boulder screes,garigue and clay slopes we trekked the Ras Il-Wahx promontory to regain the Xaghra l-Hamra plateau. We have covered this walk in more detail elsewhere on the RAM website so we will spare the repetition here.

It is however relevant to add that whereas this amazing site was under threat of being turned into a golf course the last time we visited, today we can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that this area is now safely preserved as part of Malta's first nature and history park going by the name of Il-Majjistral. More detailed information can be found here
It is up to us to enjoy this area - responsibly.

Walk Duration: 3 hours

Walk Leader: Steven

Distance Covered: 6.5 km

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