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Mixquqa – Mizieb – Xemxija

Mixquqa – Mizieb – Xemxija 11th Nov 2007

The feast of San Martin, on November 11th, provided a varied walk of sun and rain clouds, garigue and woodland. Forming a long snake across the area recently declared as a national park (instead of a golf course) 170 Ramblers crossed from the ancient hamlet of Manikata to a eucalyptus grove near the reservoir.

View of garigue - pity it's spoilt with that monstrosity
in the background

Ramblers snaking across the garigue.

The old hamlet

Past the Church, after an area of cart ruts and ancient walls we arrived at the location for our first environmental initiative.

Gun cartridges were collected during a rest stop here before entering the wooded area where narrow pathways and tree-scapes provided a wonderful sense of isolation surrounded by greenery. Many abandoned hunters’ hides were encountered. One of these even sported a roof garden to the amusement of all.

Hunter's hide

Threading our way through the trees and along the rough pathways we emerged near a modern-day “girna” where Ramblers tidied the area for future visitors, leaving a positive mark on this lesser known part of the countryside.

Spent shotgun shells collected from the area

Walking through the woodland

At the Archeological zone on Xemxija Ridge the walk disbanded as some descended via the Roman Apiary to walk or catch a bus back to Golden Bay – or to Mosta/Valletta. Others had parked cars waiting for them and a lift back to the starting point. The really intrepid ones chose to ramble back along a separate track, extending the ramble by another hour.

Thanks to all who made the morning a pleasant one. On a personal note it is 36 years to the day that I arrived in Malta therefore the Mizieb Ramble was the very best way I could think of to mark this day which is so special to me.

Alex and Anne addressing the assembled masses

Our presence at Mizieb, in a non-aggressive manner, is a statement in itself. Words are hardly necessary. It was encouraging to see families enjoying themselves in these wild surroundings. Such a sight made us feel that this pine and olive wonderland may be one of Malta’s best kept secrets.

Walk Leader: Anne
Duration: about 3 hours to Xemxija

Note 1. This is the first RAM walk guided by our new walk leader, Anne Zammit. The write-up and ideas are hers.

Note 2. Clicking on a photo will open it up to a larger size.

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