Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Press Release - Ramblers on Future MLP Plans

The Ramblers Association of Malta has noted with great concern the unilateral direction taken by the leader of the Opposition, Dr Alfred Sant, toward developing more golf courses - two in Malta and one in Gozo - as quoted in several media reports.

RAM is strongly opposed to the idea that more swathes of open countryside and scarce water resources should be sacrificed in such a wasteful way - more so when recent studies, carried out in connection with the now abandoned Xaghra l-Hamra plans, confirmed that a stand-alone course would not be viable.

RAM also questions the Labour Party's stand on two particular sites in Gozo - namely ta Cenc and Hondoq - and would like to remind the Party that its representatives at the Save Gozo environmental protest, held earlier this year, manifestly opposed development at both sites.

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