Saturday, 22 May 2010

Bahrija Valley - Before and After


The so-called residential property before the destruction of the valley.



Machinery on the valley floor

Crabs and frogs on building site.

The residence. Close-up taken on 22 May 2010.

In solitary splendour

Just a note that this villa is built on ODZ land, purchased at ODZ prices. And this land is scheduled by numerous laws, regulations and policies.

According to the MEPA Case Officer's report, the site is scheduled as:

Area of Archeological Importance

Area of Ecological Importance, Watercourse, Level 1

Site of Scientific Importance, Watercourse, Level 1

Area of Ecological Importance, Coastal Cliffs, Level 2

As an explanation, in accordance with clause 15.35 of the Explanatory Memorandum of the Structure Plan, the following are to apply in the level 1 zones:

(a) human intervention is to be kept to the barest minimum

(b) no physical development is to be allowed within the site

(c) all efforts are to be made to protect the native species which occur within the site.

The Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands is a
lso quoted in the MEPA Case Officer's report.


ARC 3 - states that developments will normally be refused if there
is an overriding case for preservation.

RCO 2 - prohibits urban development outside the development zone, with exceptions to developments that are essential to agricultural, ecological, or scenic interests

RCO 4 - prohibits development in rural areas which will adversely affect the scenic value of an area

SET 11: No form of urban development will be permitted outside existing and committed built-up areas, and primary development areas as designated in the Structure Plan even where roads and public utilities are available.

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