Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Rabat Walk 13th January, 2010

Report and Photos by Alfred Camileri

Only walk leader Gunter and seven Ramblers turned up for this walk. A heavy downpour just before the meeting time probably discouraged other ramblers from joining the walk. The
afternoon started at the Domenicans' church where we had a guided tour of the Madonna ta' l-Ghar sanctuary. The weather by the end of this visit was inviting and we started on our way towards Zebbug, shedding our raincoats.

On the outskirts of Zebbug we turned back towards Rabat through country lanes. However, on the last stretch (with about 20 minutes to go) of the walk the weather turned sour
and heavy rainfall and thunders gave a new twist to our walk. Literally we had to wade uphill to return to our starting point in Rabat. All in all a wonderful all weather experience!!!

Walk leader: Gunter

Duration of walk: 2.5 hours

Upstream to Rabat

Il-Madonna ta' L-Ghar

High Wall near Zebbug


The brave seven + one!

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