Sunday, 8 November 2009

Vapur ta' L-Art Walk Nov 8th 2009

Another successful Vapur ta' L-Art walk.

Walk Leader: Felix

Some photos below,courtesy of Marcel Pisani

Museum station at Ghexierem. This is the end of the line. Originally the line stopped at Saqqajja (Notabile) Station – then after some years the line was extended by digging the tunnel under Mdina. The bridge over Ghexiedrem was built to facilitate access to Mtarfa and was used as well as a siding for the train. There were many plans over the years to extend the railway – but these never materialized. As a commercial venture the project was a failure – it seems that public transport in Malta will always need public money support!

This is the entrance of the tunnel from Museum Station. One can have an idea of where the tunnel is by following the ventilation shafts. Today the tunnel is used as a mushroom farm.

The building is an “Ghajn” from the Knight’s period – nothing to do with the train really – but the trail from Museum Station to the side door in Magazine street of Mdina passes next to it. The cracks in the fa├žade indicate a movement of the terrain. This is happening all over the Mdina mound and signifies that the clay layers have been disturbed.

The Casino building at Saqqajja – this is not part of railway.

Entrance to tunnel from Saqqajja (Notabile) station.

What remains of an underpass – the embankment has been bulldozed away!

Bridge at Attard – with the steel span removed

Embankment at Attard (left hand side structure)

Birkirkara station. This was one of the major stations and is still in good condition.

3rd Class car at B’Kara station

Hamrun Station – this station was the maintenance bay – there were workshops etc.

Viaduct at Porte-des-Bombes. This is the start of the tunnel which eventually reaches the Great Ditch at Valletta.

A collection of street names. The “Mile End” was actually the end of the first mile of the railway which was the most difficult to construct.

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