Saturday, 3 October 2009

Salina Maghtab Bahar ic-Caghaq Walk Oct 3, 2009

About fifty ramblers turned up for today’s walk, the first one of this season, waiting impatiently at the starting point. We set off, passing along is-Sokkorsu, then headed towards our first chapel – tal-Lunzjata at Salini and the Ximenes Redoubt. After a short break near it-Torri tal-Ghallis, we headed inland towards Maghtab where we had another short rest near the chapel dedicated to Santa Marija. We reached another coastal tower built by De Redin, known as it-Torri ta’ Qalet Marku. On our way towards the Redoubt of Bahar ic-Caghaq, we visited another redoubt that is not immediately noticeable, as it is in a demolished state. Then we stopped by another chapel, dedicated to San Pietru is-Sajjied, this one in an almost derelict state.

At this point, some 35 ramblers decided to complete the whole circular walk…and returned to the starting point passing by another two interesting chapels: il-Kappella ta’ Santa Katerina ta’ Wied il-Ghasel and il-Kappella ta’ San Mikiel tas-Salini.

Walk Leader: Simon
Duration: 4 ¾ hours including breaks (0815-1300)
Distance: 16 km (circular), 9km (non circular)

Some photos below


Salt Pans – Saline Nuove

A typical footpath

Heading towards Ghallis Tower

It-Torri tal-Ghallis

A typical milestone of the British Period, the letters PP signifying Private Property

Il-kappella ta’ Santa Marija tal-Maghtab

Heading towards Qalet Marku Tower

It-Torri ta’ Qalet Marku

A lone fisherman with the redoubt in at the background

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