Sunday, 19 October 2008

Against the Flow 19 October 2008

Although the first walk after the summer break was quite challenging, at 0830 more than 80 ramblers were waiting impatiently at the meeting point, eager to start walking. After a brief introduction by the secretary, all the group headed towards Wied ic-Cawsli and eventually passed through Wied il-Kbir, stopping for a very short break near Ghar Hanzir. At this point, the valley system bifurcates into two, with the one on the right leading to Wied Qirda. We took the left fork, leading eventually to Wied Xkora.

Walking practically on the valley-bed, we passed through Wied Sillani and Wied Musa, and struggled through the final stretches of Wied Xkora till eventually we reached the final point of the Siggiewi by-pass, where we had a well-deserved rest.

Then we continued upstream, passing through lesser-known valleys such as Wied ta' Manduca and Wied San Lawrenz (the most difficult & tiring slope - in the vicinity of the Laferla Cross). Then we walked through a beautiful garigue area, leading to the Gebel Ciantar cliff edge overlooking Fawwara and the Migra Ilma areas.

Here we stopped for another rest, whilst observing the scenery.

Afterwards we descended again towards Siggiewi, passing in the vicinity of Wied Zikku, and visiting two wayside chapels on our way back -tal-Providenza and ta' Hal Xluq. Following an almost unknown footpath, we reached Wied Xkora again and headed directly towards the main village square.

This was quite a 'difficult walk' bearing in mind that we started practically at sea level and reached a point approximately 250m ASL, and also that the terrain was not that easy for long stretches of this walk. However, this shows the determination of our members!

Walk leader: Simon

Duration : About 5 hours

Distance : 17 kilometres

Some of the photos below are courtesy of Silvan Mugliett

Ghar Hanzir

Alex, explaining the way forward

Wied Sillani

Heading towards Wied Xkora

Explaining the way forward…!?

A defaced Coat-of-Arms on a building near Wied Xkora

Outskirts of Siggiewi

Former Chapel of San Lawrenz

Beatiful garigue at Gebel Ciantar

Gebel Ciantar with Verdala Palace in the background

The promised island…Filfla

A well-deserved rest on the cliff edge

Fawwara – Lunzjata Chapel

Ramblers having a rest

Gebel Ciantar

Descending in the vicinity of Wied Zikku

Tal-Providenza Chapel

Another short rest at Tal-providenza

Hal Xluq Chapel

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