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Walks Programme: October to December 2008

Below please find the programme of walks that RAM has organised for the period October to December 2008. Most routes might entail walking over some rough terrain in open countryside. Good walking shoes and suitable clothing for the weather are therefore recommended. It is always a good idea to bring some drinking water along, especially on the longer walks. Some walks might present problems to anyone who is not used to walking over unpaved ground.

Please note that while RAM takes great care in picking the trails, one’s safety is ultimately one’s responsibility. RAM declines all responsibility for any personal injury or loss of belongings.

Although RAM endeavours to adhere to the published walks programme, change of route, date or other details may become necessary and we reserve the right to make such changes without prior notice.

All walks are circular walks unless otherwise noted.

In case of very bad weather, walks might be cancelled. If in doubt please consult the blog ( or phone 99497080.

For your information and for the benefit of the beautiful Maltese countryside, the last section has some important advice about walking in the countryside. Please take this with you on your walks – it is useful information and will take only a few minutes to read.

Note: Booking a place on a restricted walk is not the same as buying a ticket to a concert. I.e., the person who was accepted on the walk cannot decide to transfer his/her place to another person. If you have made a booking, then we assume that you intend to join the walk. If, subsequently, something happens and you cannot make it, you might want to inform us if you have time, and we will see if there are other people on the standby list who can join the walk, even at short notice.

Sunday 19th October – Against the flow. (Qormi-Fawwara-Siggiewi) Scenic

This is a non-circular walk.
Starting from our meeting point, we will follow the natural water courses upstream as much as possible from Marsa to Gebel Ciantar, starting from Wied ic-Cawsli up to Wied Zikku. Once the highest point is reached, we descend slowly towards the village of Siggiewi where we can take a bus back to our starting point. Note that the exact route will depend on the actual weather conditions.

Rating: Moderate but steep gradients during last part of walk
Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Meeting place: Lowenbrau Factory, Qormi (no problem for parking )
Time: 8:30am
Saturday 25th October Ras id-Dawwara - Migra Ferha - Mtahleb. Scenic
The first part of the walk will take us along the scenic cliffs up to Ras id-Dawwara. From here we enjoy spectacular views of two giant caves at sea level where Wied Ghar Ilma/Wied Rum discharge into the sea. Well beyond Ras id-Dawwara we turn inland. After visiting a small cave (some resemblance with Ras Il Wardija in Gozo) we follow a path uphill, cross Wied Ghar
Ilma/Wied Rum till just below the cliff face of Mtahleb settlement and church. From
there we make our way back to our starting place.

This is a restricted walk. Please book, preferably by email on quoting subject “25th October Walk”, or alternately by SMS to 79425744. Booking will open 10 days before the walk, i.e., on 15th October. Any requests before that date will be disregarded.

Rating: Some steep inclines and some rough terrain.
Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours
Meeting place: To be advised
Time: To be advised

Saturday 8th November - The Four Santa Marija’s (South). Scenic, Cultural.
The idea of this walk is to revive an old tradition which used to take place on the eve of Santa Marija’s feast, when seven villages were visited. From our meeting place, we will walk towards Qrendi, reaching its parish church after approximately 2 hours.
From there we will continue towards Mqabba and Gudja (passing through Kirkop) using secondary roads and footpaths as much as possible. After reaching Ghaxaq, we return to our meeting point through Wied Garnaw.

Duration : 6 to 7 hours
Rating : Moderate terrain except first part from Luqa to Qrendi; otherwise no
particular gradients, but remember that this is a very long walk.
Meeting place : Luqa Parish Church
Time : 8:30am

Wednesday, 12th November - Country areas around Rabat. Scenic

The route will take in Ta' Qali, San Pawl tal-Qlejja, Speranza Valley, Chadwick Lakes, Fiddien, Nigret and Mtarfa Bypass back to Ta'Qali.

Duration: 3.5hrs
Rating : Moderate terrain.
Meeting place: Millenium Stand, National Stadium, Ta'Qali
Time: 3:00 pm

Wednesday, 19th November - Dingli to Buskett. Scenic/Cultural
From St Mary's parish church in Dingli the way will follow Gnien il-Haddiem, Triq Hal-Tartarni, Ta' Sabbat, Dingli Cliffs, St Mary Magdalene chapel, past the Radar transmitting station back to Dingli.

Duration: 1.5hrs
Rating : Moderate terrain.
Meeting place: St Mary's Parish Church, Dingli
Time: 3:00 pm

Sunday 30th November - Qlejgha/Wied Speranza Cultural
This walk takes us to the archaeological area of St.Paul’s Chapel overlooking Wied il-Qlejgha and Wied Speranza. We will then follow up with an (optional) walk down Wied Speranza up to the Madona tal-Isperanza chapel.

Duration: about 2 hours
Rating : Some uneven terrain.
Meeting place: Kappella ta’ San Pawl tal Qlejgha (Wied Qlejgha)
(This is near the main roundabout leading to Mgarr, Rabat or Bizbizija)
Time: 9:30 am

Saturday 6th December. The length of Malta. Endurance.
This is a non-circular walk.
The idea is to walk the whole length of Malta.
This is a restricted walk. Please book, preferably by email on quoting subject “6th December Walk” or alternately by SMS to 79425744. Booking will open 10 days before the walk, i.e. on 26th November. Any requests before that date will be disregarded.

Duration: very long
Rating : Steep and long inclines, uneven terrain, Not for the faint-hearted.
Meeting place: To be advised
Time: To be advised

Wednesday 17th December - Clapham Junction and environs. Cultural
We will explore the enigmatic cart-ruts at Clapham Junction near Ghar il-Kbir, the nearby antique quarries and other remains with an optional circular walk to Girgenti and back.

Duration: about 1 ½ hours
Rating : Some uneven terrain.
Meeting place: Just outside the exit from Buskett near the Cart-Ruts sign of
Clapham Junction (this is the exit closest to the tent).
Time: 9:30 am

Green Country Code – for a more respectful approach to our countryside

Adapted from Malta, Gozo & Comino: Off the Beaten Track - a Nature Trust publication 2002
1. Refrain from collecting or causing harm to any specimens of flora, fauna, geological items
such as fossils and stalactites or archaeological artefacts.
2. Respect natural habitats, sensitive sites and the local inhabitants. Tread lightly and avoid
3. Avoid causing noise and light pollution (especially in caves or at night)
4. Do not dispose of any waste in the countryside or sea
5. Do not light fires in vulnerable locations such as caves, beneath trees, on dry grass or garigue
6. Keep to paths where possible – avoid trespassing on defined private property and cultivated
7. Avoid trampling
8. Be informed beforehand of the protection status of any sites you will be passing through –
some activities may be restricted in such areas or at least they may require extra attention
upon visiting
9. Report any grass fires or emergencies on 112
10. Enjoy the countryside!
Important telephone numbers:
· Emergencies, Fire, Police: 112
· Police: 2122 4001
· Administrative Law Enforcement MALTA: 2122 4001 or 21235761
· Administrative Law Enforcement GOZO: 21562040
Report illegal development to MEPA on 2290 0000
MEPA Planning Protection:
Malta: 9926 9926
Gozo: 9924 9924
MEPA Nature Protection: 7949 6320
MEPA Pollution Control: 9921 9991

If you encounter injured wildlife contact immediately International Animal Rescue Malta (Mr Max Farrugia mobile: 9947 1212)
If you encounter marine wildlife (injured/stranded/dead) contact Nature Trust’s Marine Rescue
Team on 9942 2085/6.
Report sightings of marine mammals, reptiles and sharks to Nature Trust on 9942 2085/6 or
Be extremely cautious when handling injured animals!

For weekend emergencies i.c.w. injured pet animals such as cats and dogs contact the Vet
Emergency Service on 50043888

Report archaeological findings to: Anthony Pace, Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, 138, Melita Street, Valletta. VLT 08. Tel. +356 21 230711; +356 21 251874; Fax. +356 21 251140 E-mail
The Natural History Museum at Mdina may be interested in knowing about any dead wildlife you encounter.


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