Saturday, 26 July 2008

Zurrieq Environs 26th July 2008

From our starting point we headed towards the small village of Safi, passing by its parish church at 5:15am, then towards Misrah Hlantun till we reached the Hal Far Road. Following secondary roads, we reached the archeological remains at tal-Baqqari and continued walking till we reached the outskirts of Bubaqra. After crossing Wied il-Bassasa, we passed by Wardija Tower (one of the 13 watch towers built by Grandmaster de Redin) and headed towards il-Munqar through footpaths, with beautiful views of Filfla.

After a very short break at this point, we continued over the ridge of Wied Babu – with excellent early-morning views of il-Hnejja (Blue Grotto) – till we reached Hal Millieri after passing through Hal Lew and near tal-Hniena chapel. We returned to our starting point through another footpath after stopping for a few minutes to observe the chapel dedicated to St.John at Hal Millieri.

Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes
Distance: 16 km

Walk Leader: Simon

Some photos below, courtesy of Marcel Pisani.

Archeological remains at tal-Baqqari

Outskirts of Bubaqra

Wardija Tower – built by Grandmaster Martin de Redin

Wied iz-Zurrieq & another coastal watchpost – it-Torri ta’ Wied iz-Zurrieq


Descending in the vicinity of Wied il-Bassasa

Heading towards il-Munqar

A short break

On the ridge of Wied Babu – views of il-Hnejja & Filfla

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