Saturday, 21 June 2008

Wied Qirda and environs June 21, 2008

The first early morning walk for this summer, leaving at 5am.

Starting from the bridge over Wied Qirda, we headed towards Ta' l-Ghaqba till we reached Wied Musa and continued upstream until the end of Wied Xkora. From here we zigzagged through areas known as Tal-Lewza and Ta’ Wied Kosta (limits of Siggiewi), descending again through Wied Musa and Wied Sillani till we reached Ghar Hanzir for a short rest.

Finally we walked on the ridge of Wied Qirda, crossing the same valley back to our starting point.

Duration 3 1/2 hours
Walk Leader: Simon

Leaving ta' l-Ghaqba.

Wied Musa (upstream)

This is what happens to early-morning ramblers

Wied Musa (downstream)

Having a short rest

Wied Sillani


bluws said...

I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and hope Simon will give us more of the same! Well done!

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