Monday, 5 May 2008

Press Release: Squatters should not be rewarded, says RAM

Squatters should not be rewarded, says RAM

RAM totally opposes the granting of any concessions to the squatters who built their own place on public land, and now have the effrontery to expect to be rewarded for breaking the law and stealing land from the public. This includes the Armier squatters, recently again in the news for managing to extract pre-election sanctioning promises from both major political parties.

Minister George Pullicino has been quoted as saying, back in 2001, that "this site is by far the largest single area in the Maltese Islands where illegal development has been carried out on a massive scale".

RAM calls on the government to order utility companies to withdraw all services, all of which were supplied illegally. MEPA should slap enforcement notices on all these structures, leading to their demolition at the "owners' " expense. Furthermore, if it has any consistency, the Maltese Catholic Church should forbid priests from conducting religious services at these dwellings, thereby condoning their transgression of the seventh commandment.

This is the least that honest, law-abiding citizens expect.

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