Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ramblers’ landscape objections at Mistra Heights

From the local press:
The Ramblers Association of Malta (RAM) is objecting to an environmental planning statement presented to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority by the developers of a proposed high rise complex on Xemxija ridge. The association says the statement is “deficient”.

In comments sent to Mepa, the association said the impact assessment of the new skyline on rural landscapes “has been found to be lacking”. The plans for the site, where Mistra Village used to stand, have also been criticised by Din l-Art Helwa.

The Ramblers Association said that at least two strategic viewpoints which had been ignored by the developers’ EPS since the only views assessed were taken from angles which would make the development look less imposing. The two view aspects pointed out by the association are on the main road at the highest point of Selmun Hill and from the belvedere at Selmun which would be a highly sensitive spot in terms of negative effects on how the environment is experienced visually.

RAM said both are favourite spots with local and foreign ramblers. The number of tourists who come for rambling holidays in Malta “cannot be under-estimated and make up a substantial portion of tourist arrivals who sustain the local industry especially during the low season. Popular walking routes with such tourists include the ridges of Mellieha, Mizieb and Wardija among the main ridges that will be adversely affected by the negative visual impact of the proposed highrise development.”

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