Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gunther Jacobs Walk Rabat to Mgarr: Wed 13 Feb 2008

Dr Gunther Jacobs came to know of RAM late in January.
He attended the AGM of the Association on the 2nd February when he filled in his membership form, enrolled and answered the call for more walk leaders to come forward.

On Wednesday 13th February he led 20 odd ramblers on a long pleasant walk that from the Rabat led to the Chadwick Lakes up to the Nadur Tower and along the Dwejra lines through Bingemma Gap and finally to Bingemma fort.

Dr Jacobs intended to take the ramblers all the way to Kuncizzjoni, Fomm ir-Rih, Gnejna and Ghajn Tuffieha but that was too demanding on time and energy especially after the lucid explanations he gave with the aid of visual plates and plans of the British lines of fortification and the complementary buildings that were encountered on the way. After the brief at the Bingemma Fort, the ramble went down the hill to Mgarr church via Tas-Santi.

Transport was organized that at 1445 took the ramblers from Mgarr back to Rabat.
The Secretary thanked Dr Jacobs and wished him many more such initiatives. Dr Jacobs retorted that he really enjoyed the friendly welcome and attention he was given and is looking forward to his next walk on Wednesday 20th Feb.

Walk leader: Gunther
Duration: approximately 4 and 1/2 hours

Warming up to the Walk at Rabat.

Knights' Fountain - Source for water to the Aquaduct

Merged Mosta & Naxxar as viewed from Dwejra.

Dr Jacobs detailing the Victoria Lines at Dwejra

Dilapidated gateway to gallery

Ditchworks in total abandon

Ramblers taking shooting position at gunposts

Others taking in the sights on Bingemma Gap

Bingemma Chapel, dedicated to il-Madonna ta' Ittria

Another view of Bingemma chapel

Down to Mgarr via is-Santi

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Team DoIT said...

Well done Dr. Gunther wish I could have been with you.

Greeting from Canada.