Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mgarr ix-Xini 2 March 2008

Today’s walk was led by the affable and ever-pleasant John Mizzi of Sannat, the stalwart defender of Ta’ Cenc. John took us to the verdant and magnificent valley of Mgarr ix-Xini, probably the most beautiful valley in the whole of Gozo. From our meeting place near the Gozo heliport, we walked down to the valley floor at the eastern side of the valley (closest to the sea), and then walked roughly up the valley floor, sometimes detouring along the sides where this was not possible.

During the walk John Mizzi was always pointing out and explaining features in his inimitable and enthusiastic way. John Is highly recommended for anyone who wants to go on a guided walk in Gozo, with a selection of walks with several themes. For further information, please visit We are quite sure that you will not be disappointed.

Walk Leader: John Mizzi
Duration: 3 1/2 hours

Some photos below.

John at the start of the walk

Site of one of the Angelik Caruana apparitions, very conveniently located near the Heliport.
For those who are interested, the Madonna keeps her appointment with Angelik every Wednesday at 1745.

View of the valley from the top

John pointing out a feature.

Another view of this magnificent valley

On the valley floor, with the old steam-engine driven pumping station in the background

The aqueduct across the valley

Inside the pumping station

Beneath the side of the valley

John surrounded by ramblers

Underneath the cave

The collapsed cave

Our secretary striking a natural pose

A close-up of of the cave

Climbing out of the valley, with John giving a helping hand

Ramblers with Xewkija church in the background

John expounding his theories about the mysterious rock-cut pans

More of the enigmatic rock-cut pans. Wine-making or a place of sacrifice?

For more on these pans, go to

(website supplied by member Silvan Mugliett)

The dam in the valley

Valley view

More views of the valley

On the way back

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saghtar said...

I was on this walk of Mgarr ix-xini and it was a marvellous experience. Truly this is a unique place and always fascinated me. May it remain like this for generations to come. Well done to the organizers of this walk